A comparisn of assessment centre and career path appreciation procedures in management selection

Bester, Francois
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r~his research compares the Assessment Centres and the Career Path ApprecIation procedure used in the aseessment of managerial potential for selection purposes. The aims of the research are to conduct a concurrent validation of the Career path. Appreciation and to determine any redundancy of. the two proce(.~ures and of the sllbprocedures of the Appreciation. Al:>sessment Cent:res are estab1.4 shed and accepted EtS a valid procedures fol'. management potential maaaur'emerrt , The Car('H,~rPath Appreciation is a fairly new procedure with a small research base. The Appreciation uses the Stratified systems Theory to consm-uet; its validity. The Appreoiation is more economioal to apply than Assessment centres. Claims are made t.hat the Appreciation oan replace Assessment Centres. Tho value of this research is in the investigation of this claim of redundancy. The two procedures are administerG j to a sample of 319 senior management candi.dabee , The Spearman ranl~ correlation coefficient is applied to analvse tho ordinal data. Resul ts of. the analysi'3 show that thero are no grounds fc:or the clain,s of redundancy. The concur-eerrt validation of tho Appreciation shows that it probab:Ly measur.os the same domain as Assessment centres.
h rcsoarch rcport submitted to the l"uculty of Business Administration, univorsi ty of the Witwatersrand, Johannosbur9, in partial fulfilmont of tho requirements for tho degree of. Master of: Management. J.D92