The interplay between teachers and texts in adult basic education and training (ABET) : a case study.

Steinberg, Carola
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This research report explores the implications of one central question: ‘In what ways can course materials support and improve ABET teachers’ ability in the classroom and what are the limits of that support?’ Methodologically it is an ethnographic case study of five teachers at company literacy programmes using The ELP English Literacy Course for Adults to prepare learners for examinations at ABET English Communications Levels 1&2. Conceptually it makes use of Shirley Grundy’s exposition of different paradigms for thinking about curriculum and Jean Lave’s notion of learning in a community of practice. It portrays literacy as a social practice in which people learn to master skills, make decisions about the applications of those skills and develop an emancipatory awareness. The research enables insights into the relationship between ABET teachers and texts, outlining their respective responsibilities and some implications for thinking about ABET teacher development.
Adult basic education and training, Adult literacy, Adult education, Teachers and texts, English Literacy Project, Teacher development, Curriculum development, Curriculum in context