Entrepreneurial orientation and internationalisation of multinational enterprises : a focus on firm performance in emerging markets.

De Haaff, Dean Nicholas
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This research offers an insightful view of Entrepreneurial Orientation (EO), its relation to Internationalisation and Performance of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) in three Emerging Markets; China, Malaysia and South Africa. 21 MNEs are reviewed, seven from each emerging market, over the research timeframe of 2005 to 2010. The issue at hand revolves around a thorough review of the internationalisation modes of the selected MNEs into various regions around the world and measuring their performance variables. The internationalisation modes were analysed against MNE EO, and the relation between their EO and their internationalisation. The method of the data collection utilised was mixed, obtaining all results from published MNE annual reports over the period of review and utilised both qualitative and quantitative data analysis in the research. Qualitative data was thematically analysed and coded for quantitative statistical analysis, whilst the financial data was statistically analysed accordingly. EO is highly interlinked with MNE internationalisation, as the very least on a construct level. EO strategies have shown support in correlating with MNE performance measures, but have differed between the emerging markets reviewed. It has shown that MNE focus with regard to EO strategy and internationalisation differs, with varying effects on their success. This is an area of academic research that has received very little, if any, review prior to this research. It offers bountiful opportunities to build on, and insightful findings that may be further reviewed.
Internationalisation, Multinational enterprises, Performance, South Africa, China, Malaysia