Work experiences of CCTV surveillance operators.

Singh, Salisha
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The present research focused on the work experiences of CCTV operators. The rationale for this study was due to the fact that there has been a dearth of research regarding the ‘human element’ behind the actual operation of the CCTV surveillance system. Consequently, the aim of this study was to investigate the job design and characteristics of CCTV operators, and the factors perceived to influence job satisfaction and employee engagement. The design of this study was qualitative in nature and semi-structured interviews were conducted with ten CCTV operators who monitor cameras in shopping malls. The findings indicated that there are various activities that CCTV operators engage in, however, monitoring the cameras is the main activity. Other factors contributing to the operators’ job satisfaction and employee engagement was the relationships with supervisors, managers, co-workers and interactions with the public. In addition autonomy, fairness with regards to pay and hours, high workload, their own safety as well as the fact that their work has a significant impact on the lives of others were all found to add to their job satisfaction and employee engagement.