Justification of the state and anarchist alternatives

Justification of the State and Anarchist Alternatives aims to establish four key findings regarding the State and its justification according to a revised form of Aristotelian perfectionist ethics. The first finding is a proper definition of a State, and how that definition of the State compares to other definitions of the State, most notably, Max Weber’s definition. The second finding is the establishment of what parts of Aristotle’s ethics and politics are feasible and sound; this requires historical enquiry in addition to philosophical enquiry. The third finding is that this revised form of Aristotelian ethics does not justify the State. The fourth finding is that Aristotelian ethics would justify a non-state political structure (the modern polis), and objections to that structure are dealt with. The core of the thesis is that Aristotle’s ethics do not justify the state, but would justify a form of anarchism.
philosophy, The State, Aristotle, anarchism, perfectionism