The effect of new media on print magazine journalism in South Africa: an examination of the case study of Rooi Rose magazine's strategy to encourage user engagement online

Vanderwagen, Clive
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New technologies and shifts in audience media management require change in the business models and tactics adopted by publishers of magazines and other traditional media if they are to maintain a vibrant readership by engaging with readers via online platforms. This research report provides insight into how local magazine brand teams are transitioning from print publications to multimedia publications across multiple platforms; and how they are creating opportunities to engage their readers online. As the demand for content moves from a monthly print relationship to day-to-day online conversations, the way journalists are expected to produce content is changing. The research report, by focusing on South African magazine Rooi Rose, argues that magazine journalism now requires the creation of regular, dynamic content to share online, and needs to focus on key aspects of new media such as hypertextuality, interactivity and immediacy.
Thesis (M.A.)--University of the Witwatersrand, Faculty of Humanities, Journalism and Media studies, 2014.