Introduction of radmaste microchemistry in disadvantaged schools in Gauteng: a case study

Kolobe, Lebala Miriam
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A case study was conducted in two regions (Duduza and Soshanguve) in the Gauteng province to establish how the RADMASTE Centre of the university of the Witwatersrand introduced RADMASTE microchemistry to science teachers in three schools in these regions, and how the teachers subsequently introduced it to their pupils. The content knowledge, skills and attitudes achieved by the pupils through the introduction of the RADMASTE microchemistry approach was qualitatively investigated using interviewing, observations, and questionnaires modes. Three standard 10 (Grade 12) teachers were monitored starting from the introduction workshops until the introduction of the RADMASTE microchemistry to their pupils. The pupils too were monitored in terms of their performance with the RADMASTE microchemistry after they were introduced to the small-scale chemistry. The results of this study indicate a low attendance of the workshops by the teachers, as well as content difficulties on the part of the teachers as well as the pupils. These also indicate teachers who neither copied nor adjusted their normal teaching practices with introduction of the kit and allied materials. Almost all participants were seen to have difficulties with the kit on their maiden encounter, but everyone said they liked the RADMASTE microchemistry approach. Suggestions are made in the last chapter on ways of introducing the RADMASTE microchemistry kit and allied materials in the schools.