The collective voice: the novels of Tchicaya u Tam'si.

This two part study of Tchicaya U Tam'Si's novels reflects the twin objectives of the research project. By showing in the first part the need for critical criteria founded in the socio-historical and linguistic realities of Africa, the hegemony of the Western aesthetic canon with respect to African writing is challenged. In the second part, by applying a contextualised, syncretic critical approach to U Tam'Si's prose works, important features not only of his narrative but also of his poetic discourse are illuminated. This movement from broad questions of theory to focus on a specific body of writing makes it possible to identify elements that may be considered characteristic of African writing in general while at the same time contributing to a better understanding of a particular writer's creative expression. (Abbreviation abstract)
A Dissertation Presented to the Department of African Literature University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg In Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Tchicaya U Tam'Si, 1931 -- Criticism and interpretation., African literature (French), Congolese (Brazzaville) literature (French)