L'images des personnages feminins dans Une si longue lettre de Mariama Ba et Riwan ou le chemin de sable de Ken Bugul

Tonleu, Madeleine
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Through a thematic content analysis, this dissertation analyses how Mariama Bâ in So long a letter (1979) and Ken Bugul in Riwan ou le chemin de sable (1999) perceive the image of African women. This work is focused as well on the ambiguity of the situation of these women who are torn between modernity and tradition. Mariama Bâ raises the issue of women’s emancipation as that of complementarities between men and women and not as that of confrontation. She doesn’t conceive African feminism as a requirement of modern times because everything is not admissible in modernity; but believes a controlled evolution of mentalities is necessary for the balance of the society. On the other hand, Ken Bugul questions all the concepts and ideas that have been received so far on the issue of the status of women in Africa. She thinks women can find happiness in a polygamous marriage, and beyond this a way of rehabilitation. She presents “modern” women as victims in monogamous spousal relationships and believes they have lost their cultural identity.
MA (French), Faculty of Humanities, University of the Witwatersrand, 2011
african women, perception, image, fiction, French