Spin(7) compactifications and 1/4-BPS vacua in heterotic supergravity.

Angus, S.
Matti, C.
Svanes, E.E.
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We continue the investigation into non-maximally symmetric compactifications of the heterotic string. In particular, we consider compactifications where the internal space is allowed to depend on two or more external directions. For preservation of supersymmetry, this implies that the internal space must in general be that of a Spin(7) manifold, which leads to a 1/4-BPS four-dimensional supersymmetric perturbative vacuum breaking all but one supercharge. We find that these solutions allow for internal geometries previously excluded by the domain-wall-type solutions, and hence the resulting four-dimensional superpotential is more generic. In particular, we find an interesting resemblance to the superpotentials that appear in non-geometric flux compactifications of type II string theory. If the vacua are to be used for phenomenological applications, they must be lifted to maximal symmetry by some non-perturbative or higher-order effect.
Flux compactifications , Superstring Vacua , Superstrings , Heterotic Strings , String theory , cosmic strings
Angus, S. Matti, C. and Svanes, E.E.J. 2016. Spin(7) compactifications and 1/4-BPS vacua in heterotic supergravity. Journal of High Energy Physics 2016 (3), Article number 177.