A Place to Live

Reeves, Ambrose (Right Reverend, Bishop of Johannesburg))
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Johannesburg Citizens' Native Housing Committee
Admittedly this pamphlet does not give a complete picture of African housing, for quite deliberately it seeks to stress in pictorial form the dark and tragic aspects of a problem which clamours for a solution. In any case the present shortage of housing is so grave that it would be disastrous if any of us sought to evade the issue raised in these pages by trying to shelter behind what has to be achieved some years ago. Rather we need to have sufficient courage to face frankly the facts that this pamphlet reveals.
A pamphlet by the 1953 Johannesburg Citizens' Native Housing Committee to promote Housing initiatives
Housing, Native Housing, Johannesburg, Squatting, Orlando Shelters, Slums, Health Srvices, Sanitary Services, Recreation grounds, Johannesburg Western areas
Reeves, Ambrose (the Right Reverend, the Bishop of Johannesburg). 1953. A Place to Live. Johannesburg Citizens' Native Housing Committee, Johannesburg.