An exploratory study of black women in executive positions and their sense of balance between motherhood and career.

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dc.description.abstract Recent literature on women, motherhood and career suggests possible issues of conflict for women trying to negotiate these two roles. Contrary to recent times, traditional views dictated that women could not both work and have a family, while those women working outside the home were expected to occupy career positions that interfered less with their responsibilities within the home. However, women have entered fields of work previously reserved for men while still pursuing motherhood. Much research has looked at issues of motherhood and career, however very little research has looked at issues affecting black women. Given the historical racial inequalities and cultural differences, it is likely that black women will experience more conflict given gender, racial, and issues of social class. This study explored how a group of black women occupying executive positions achieve „successful‟ balance between their high demanding careers and motherhood. The study explored issues that come into play when negotiating these two roles. The researcher interviewed six participants occupying varying executive positions in big business and corporate. The participants were from various cultural groups and had at least one child. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews, ensuring strict adherence to ethical issues as stipulated by the University of the Witwatersrand Research Ethics Committee. The data was analysed using thematic content analysis. Findings suggest that while racial, cultural and socialisation can contribute to conflict in participants‟ negotiation of work and family, the participants are able to achieve a successful balance between these two roles. The difficulties seem to lie with men who through socialisation continue to oppress women by reinforcing traditional views. en_US
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dc.title An exploratory study of black women in executive positions and their sense of balance between motherhood and career. en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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