Science education for deaf learners : educator perspectives and perceptions.

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dc.description.abstract Traditionally, the curriculum for deaf learners mainly involved language acquisition. The emphasis on academic subjects, such as science was marginal. In South Africa, the National Curriculum Statements (NCS) was introduced to redress the inequalities of the past education system. This research report is an investigation of science education for deaf learners. The study involved, firstly, exploring the experiences of educators that teach science to deaf learners and secondly, the identification of possible barriers that deaf learners experience in acquiring scientific knowledge, values and skills. Methodologically, this research project is located in the qualitative paradigm. The research participants comprised of five educators that teach science to deaf learners. The research sites were schools that cater for deaf learners, and are located in a province of South Africa. To gather data from the participants, the qualitative tools of interviews, field observations and artifact collection were utilized. Findings from the research indicate that there are intrinsic factors, such as literacy, sign language, cognition and motivation, and extrinsic factors, such as policy implementation, instructional strategies and resources that create barriers for deaf learners in science education. The participants’ suggestions that have emerged are also mentioned. Data obtained from the research provides valuable insight for deaf learners, educators that teach science to deaf learners and educational policy makers. The research report concludes with recommendations that could have implications for further research in the context of science education for deaf learners in South Africa. en
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dc.title Science education for deaf learners : educator perspectives and perceptions. en
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