Distillation synthesis toolbox for pre-flowsheet design

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dc.contributor.author Wilson, Cameron Joseph
dc.date.accessioned 2007-02-15T10:46:26Z
dc.date.available 2007-02-15T10:46:26Z
dc.date.issued 2007-02-15T10:46:26Z
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10539/1998
dc.description Student Number : 9903549T - MSc dissertation - School of Process and Materials Engineering - Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment en
dc.description.abstract Preliminary evaluations during flowsheet synthesis require simple effective tools for comparison and elimination of process alternatives. This work investigates three areas of interest in distillation. Column profile map theory has simplified complex column investigations. The predictions of the difference point equation at finite reflux were experimentally verified for the acetone, methanol and ethanol system in a continuous column apparatus. Residue curve analysis is usually limited to systems with four components for distillation system analysis. An alternative representation, based on combinatorial topology and temperature sequencing, is introduced for use in high level synthesis decisions for higher component order systems. Attainable region (AR) theory is applied to an ideal binary distillation system for a geometrically based method of cost analysis. A constrained attainable region is constructed from a series of equilibrium step compositions with varying reflux and corresponding cost associations. The AR is shown to be useful for costing and optimization. en
dc.format.extent 1267920 bytes
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso en en
dc.subject Distillation en
dc.subject Column Profile Maps en
dc.subject Residue Curves en
dc.subject Experimental en
dc.subject Higher Order en
dc.subject Chain Maps en
dc.subject multicomponent en
dc.subject costing Capacity en
dc.title Distillation synthesis toolbox for pre-flowsheet design en
dc.type Thesis en

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