From ideal into practice : an illuminative evaluation of a learnership in the insurance and investment sector.

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dc.description.abstract This study explores what happens as the ideals of a learnership, envisioned in the South African legislation, become real practice in a workplace within the financial services industry. Learnerships are at the centre stage for illuminating the processes of acquiring a vocational qualification, which combines education with work readiness. The constructivist philosophy to this research and its qualitative paradigm resonates well with the postmodernist thinking that knowledge has different purposes strongly linked to performance, demanding education that is value adding. It is through this postmodern lens that the broad theoretical framework for study is located. It encompasses theories of learning and workplace learning, such as Wenger’s (1998) perspectives on communities of practice and Kolb’s (1984) experiential learning circle. Mezirow’s (1981) transformative learning theory adds the dimension of dialogue. The method of illuminative evaluation is used to examine one event in order to explore its contextual insights. Qualitative inquiry has a fundamental people orientation and, for this reason, observation adds depth to the information gathering possibilities of interviews and document analysis. This report is enriched by narratives of people’s perspectives on events. This illuminative evaluation brought out rich and varied insights into the acquisition of knowledge, skills and work identity (values and attitudes), with some surprising and unexpected insights on success and failures. The workplace’s control of the learning process, while impacting extremely positively on the quality of the theoretical learning (which is interesting as education is not its core purpose), compromised in some respects the success of the end product of the learnership, the work readiness and employment possibilities of learners. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject Illuminative evaluation en_US
dc.subject Qualitative approach en_US
dc.subject Constructivism en_US
dc.subject Experiential learning en_US
dc.subject Transformational learning en_US
dc.subject Workplace learning en_US
dc.subject Communities of practice en_US
dc.subject Learning milieu en_US
dc.subject Instructional system en_US
dc.subject Learnership en_US
dc.subject Sector education and training authority en_US
dc.subject National qualifications framework en_US
dc.subject Mentoring en_US
dc.title From ideal into practice : an illuminative evaluation of a learnership in the insurance and investment sector. en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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