An exploration of the level of HIV risky behaviours and the sources of information on HIV for the youth in Johannesburg : is loveLife one of their sources of information?

Letsela, Lebohang V.
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The aim of this research was to investigate the HIV knowledge and risk behaviours of students as well as to deteremine whether the youth are aware of and utilising loveLife services. This was demonstrated with the HIV knowledge and risky behaviours of respondents using loveLife as their source of HIV information. Data was gathered by administering open-ended and close-ended questionnaires to 152 South African students aged 18—25 years old studying at Johannesburg, Braamfontein tertiary institutions. These questionnaires were structured to include the following information: the demography , condom attitude scale, the current and previous sexual behaviours, socio-sexual orientation index (SOI), self-efficacy for protective sexual behaviours scale, HIV and AIDS knowledge and understanding questionnaire,as well as the loveLife exposure, participation and response questionnaire. The data analysis techniques included statistical techniques of frequency counts, cross tabulations, Chi Square tests of associations, Point Biserial correlations, two independent t-test and Mann-Whitney U test, which were applied to all quantitative data; whereas thematic content analysis was applied to the open-ended questionnaire (qualitative data). Results revealed that young people are aware of loveLife services but are not utilising them. Respondents generally had good but biased HIV knowledge and increased HIV sexual risk behaviours. However, insignificant associations were found between awareness and utilisation of loveLife services and HIV knowledge and understanding, and sexual risk behaviours. The implications of the current study and recommendations for future studies are discussed.
HIV prevalence rates , HIV knowledge , HIV risky behaviours , Tertiary level of education youth , loveLife exposure and participation , South Africa