Fossil tree hollows from a late Permian forest of the Matinde Formation (Tete, Mozambique)

Show simple item record Araújo, Ricardo Nhamutole, Nelson Macungo, Zanildo Milisse, Dino Bamford, Marion 2018-10-29T13:21:44Z 2018-10-29T13:21:44Z 2018-10-31
dc.identifier.issn 2410-4418
dc.description.abstract Fossil tree hollows are seldom described in the literature and can often be elusive to the field paleobotanist. However, these structures may provide unique paleoecological, environmental and tree life history information that are essential for a more complete understanding of ancient forests. A stump from the ‘late Permian’ (Wuchiapingian–Changhsingian) of the Mágoè Fossil Forest in Mozambique (Tete Province) provides a rare example of fossilized tree hollows. These hollows were found near the base of the tree and are subcircular in shape, ranging between ~1.3 and 3.5 cm in diameter. Although thirty-one trees were densely sampled (i.e. no fossil trees were excluded from a given area, in our case ~2650m2) and inspected at the Mágoè Fossil Forest, only one (PPM2017-31) exhibited tree hollows, highlighting the scarcity of these structures in this fossil forest. In modern forests tree hollows are more likely to be found in old trees, likewise PPM2017-31 was among the largest trees found in the sample, suggesting this was an old tree. The subcircular morphology of the tree hollows indicates they resulted from fungal/bacterial activity rather than from a fire. en_ZA
dc.description.sponsorship Museu Nacional de Geologia Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (SFRH/BPD/96205/2013) FCT - AGA KHAN Development Network grant number 333206718 National Geographic Society grant number CP-109R-17 en_ZA
dc.language.iso en en_ZA
dc.publisher Evolutionary Studies Institute en_ZA
dc.rights Copyright 2018 the Authors en_ZA
dc.subject Mágoè Fossil Forest en_ZA
dc.subject Lopingian en_ZA
dc.subject Cahora Bassa en_ZA
dc.subject paleobotany en_ZA
dc.subject tree stumps en_ZA
dc.subject Gondwana en_ZA
dc.title Fossil tree hollows from a late Permian forest of the Matinde Formation (Tete, Mozambique) en_ZA
dc.type Article en_ZA
dc.journal.volume 53 en_ZA
dc.journal.title Palaeontologia africana en_ZA
dc.description.librarian JNC2018 en_ZA

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