The influence of website content on the purchase of pharmaceutical health products

Jones, L
Chiliya, N
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The purpose of this research was to determine what web content, according to the perception of consumers and their purchase behaviour, are optimal for the healthcare industry and also understand which content factors are more important than others.A quantitative, single cross-sectional approach was undertaken. A convenience technique was used. Data was collected from a sample of 362 University students by means self-administered questionnaires.Regression analyses were conducted as means of data analysis. The study shows that consumers are significantly affected by the different types of content components incorporated into a webpage. Within these content components, consumers view quality information as more valuable as they are informed about products more effectively, relevant to their needs. This then influences the consumers’ information satisfaction. Once the consumer is satisfied with the information provided through the relevant content components, loyalty towards the firm is developed due to the consistent quality of the content thus, resulting in purchase behaviour. This shows that it is important for online health websites to provide relevant and quality information to in assist consumers in making an online purchase.
Pharmaceutical health products , Online marketing
Jones, L., & Chiliya, N. (2014). The Influence of Website Content on the Purchase of Pharmaceutical Health Products. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 5(25), 128-140