Testing R-parity with geometry

He, Y.-H.
Jejjala, V.
Matti, C.
Nelson, B.D.
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We present a complete classification of the vacuum geometries of all renormalizable superpotentials built from the fields of the electroweak sector of the MSSM. In addition to the Severi and affine Calabi-Yau varieties previously found, new vacuum manifolds are identified; we thereby investigate the geometrical implication of theories which display a manifest matter parity (or R-parity) via the distinction between leptonic and Higgs doublets, and of the lepton number assignment of the right-handed neutrino fields. We find that the traditional R-parity assignments of the MSSM more readily accommodate the neutrino see-saw mechanism with non-trivial geometry than those superpotentials that violate R-parity. However there appears to be no geometrical preference for a fundamental Higgs bilinear in the superpotential, with operators that violate lepton number, such as (Formula presented.) , generating vacuum moduli spaces equivalent to those with a fundamental bilinear.
Supersymmetric Effective Theories , Supersymmetric gauge theory , SYMMETRY-BREAKING
He, Y.H. et.al. 2016. Testing R-parity with geometry. Journal of High Energy Physics 2016 (3) : Article number 79.