An Acheulean handaxe from Gladysvale Cave site, Gauteng, South Africa.

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Hall, G.
Pickering, R.
Lacruz, R.
Hancox, J.
Berger, L.R.
Schmid, P.
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Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf)
WE DESCRIBE A SINGLE HANDAXE FROM fossiliferous breccias at Gladysvale Cave, South Africa. The artefact is the only known tool so far discovered during the controlled excavations conducted at this site over the last decade, and was recovered from decalcified sediments near the stratigraphic interface of two breccia units, making it difficult to assign it with confidence to either. The morphology of the handaxe indicates a middle-late Acheulean industry, and preliminary electron spin resonance and palaeomagnetic dating suggest an age of greater than 780 000 years.
Acheulean , archaeological evidence , artifact , breccia , cave , cave deposit , Africa , Gauteng , South Africa , Southern Africa , Sub-Saharan Africa
Hall, G. et al. 2006. An Acheulean handaxe from Gladysvale Cave site, Gauteng, South Africa.South Afriacn Journal of Science 102( 3/4), pp.103-105.