The anterior of the palate in Euparkeria

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dc.description.abstract Ewer (1965) has given a careful and comprehensive description of the anatomy of the thecodont Euparkeria, but erred if anything on the side of caution in her preparation of the material. This is a commendable approach, but it has meant that certain details remained unknown. Recently Cruickshank (1970) has redescribed and reinterpreted the braincase as being surprisingly primitive. The present author's current interest lies in the origin of the lizards, and this necessarily implies an interest in Archosaur origins. In this regard an important element of the skull is the vomer; this will become apparent when recently completed work on the Millerosauria is published (Gow 1971). The important feature is the nature and disposition of vomerine teeth. Not surprisingly the vomer is not known in detail in any "Eosuchian" or early lepidosaur, as it usually lies hidden by the symphysis of the lower jaws and in any event requires delicate preparation. en_ZA
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dc.title The anterior of the palate in Euparkeria en_ZA
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