The role of Islam in conceptions of entitlement to protection and assistance: A case study of Somali refugees in Johannesburg

Kiorkis, Lidia
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This research report looks at Somali refugees’ conceptions concerning entitlement to protection and assistance. It seeks to find out what Somali refugees’ conceptions about assistance and protection are and on what they are primarily based. It explores how the personal and ideological beliefs of Somali refugees living in Johannesburg influence their expectations for receiving and extending assistance. Ethnographic methods, mainly, personal interviews and informal group discussions were used to find that, though Islam has a major role in the lives of Somali migrants and on their conceptions about assistance, religion is only one among many influencing factors on their conceptions. Daily lived experiences, pride, tribal affiliation, and conflict within the community equally impact Somali refugees’ conceptions of entitlement to protection and assistance.
Student Number: 0400580V Master of Arts in Forced Migration Studies. Graduate school for the Humanities and Social Sciences
Somali refugees , Protection , Johannesburg , Assistance , Ideological beliefs , Islam