Peek-a-boo(m) : architecture & the adaptive eye.

Chen, I-Kuang Allen
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Sophisticated in creation, Comic/Japanese Manga & Animation are a drastic representations of a real or hypothetical worlds. Comic and animation is a representation of cultural legacy that informs, excites and entertains the viewer in every tangible form of its existence, while filling minds with giant robots, space ships or masked super heroes. This dissertation serves as an architectural response to comic and animation creation. Through the exploration of the notion of the adaptive eye and its influence on the design process, the thesis seeks to create a dialogue between social legacy and comic & animation creation through the design of a production house. This thesis proposes a space that represents beauty, vision and excitement, but above all else one that realizes the possibilities of comic and animation as a means of social commentary. The building aims to symbolize the essence of comic and animation through its design and location, thereby echoing the vibrancy of Newtown. The production house is an attempt at social, cultural and environmentally responsible, generative architecture that induces thinking and energy within the world of comics and animation.
Submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Architecture Professional, MArch(Prof), to the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment.
Design and construction , Johannesburg , Newtown