Digitization for libraries in Kenya

Amollo, Beatrice Adera
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It is now over 10 years since the first online library service was introduced and much has happened to make digital collections a norm, not an exception. Libraries and archives have had to embrace ICT to keep abreast of user expectations, habits and global trends. Setting up of digital collections in Kenya has generally progressed more slowly than in other countries in Africa and the rest of the world. The progress made to date might be good, but the pace is not impressive. This is particularly worrying if measured against the developments of other libraries globally. Initiatives for library digitization are patchy, with academic and research institution libraries showing greatest advances. The status of digital libraries and the challenges that digitization presents, based on the literature and findings of a study, are mentioned. A proposal for the way forward, despite the hurdles, is presented at the end.
digitization for libraries in Kenya