Professional men's expressions of their masculine identity.

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dc.description.abstract This research explored how white professional men talk about masculinities and their own masculine construction. The study was qualitative in nature and the data was collected via 10 semi-structured individual interviews. Qualitative content analysis was utilized whereby key themes were identified and discussed. Men in relation to self identity, women, emotions, the work environment, and the changing social context reflected the key themes that were evident in the study. These themes explored men in relation to a variety of issues and thus highlighted the multitude of influences which are thought to impact on masculine identity. Various responses from the participants based on defensive, accommodating, and progressive discourses were evident throughout and this further illustrated the diverse and complex nature of masculinities. One of the most relevant conclusions to stem from this study was that although masculine representation seems to be changing in particular spheres, certain hegemonic aspects of masculinity seem to permeate professional men’s discourses. This research highlights and explores the multiplicity of masculine and refutes the notion of masculinity being a singularly fixed concept. The social construction of masculinity is thus affirmed. Various contesting viewpoints are elicited that indicate the complex and, at times, contradictory nature of masculine construction. en
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dc.subject Masculinities en
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dc.subject Masculinity en
dc.subject Gender en
dc.subject Hegemony en
dc.subject Contested en
dc.subject Men en
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dc.title Professional men's expressions of their masculine identity. en
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