Egocentricity and risk taking in female adolescents.

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dc.description.abstract Adolescence is often seen as a stage where risk taking and experimentation are common. The need to feel a part of one’s peer group, to be valued as an individual and to overcome physical and emotional changes are all part of this developmental stage. This research examines the link between Elkind’s theory of Egocentrism and risk taking in female adolescents. Risk taking and its links to the Personal Fable and the Imaginary Audience were the main focus of the research. This study used a qualitative research design to obtain an in-depth understanding of risk taking among a sample group of ten female adolescents. A focus group from a different school was used to help analyse and discuss the data obtained. The results of this study show that Elkind’s theory of adolescent Egocentrism (both the Personal Fable and the Imaginary Audience) are, indeed, influencing factors in female adolescent risk taking. en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.subject Adolescent en
dc.subject Egocentrism en
dc.subject Imaginary audience en
dc.subject Jean Piaget en
dc.subject Risk taking en
dc.subject Personal fable en
dc.subject Formal operational thought en
dc.subject David Elkind en
dc.title Egocentricity and risk taking in female adolescents. en
dc.type Thesis en

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