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  • Ballim, Yunus (2004-11-24)
    Most people, whether consciously or unconsciously, are attracted to what I shall call, the “great human narrative” of transformation through journey. We find the narrative attractive because it appears prominently - as a ...
  • Unknown (2011-08-04)
    Joubert Street. The firm of Paddon & Brock opened in Johannesburg at the lower end of Market Square in 1887, and erected their new building in 1893 in Pritchard Street, with an entrance also in Joubert Street.
  • Unknown (2011-08-04)
    Seen from Pritchard Street. In the middle distance, adjoining Palace Buildings, is a portion of the well-known Henwood's Building, constructed almost entirely of cast-iron. "Henwood's Arcade" was a great shopping venue ...
  • Donaldson, J.S. (2011-08-04)
    Corner Rissik and Pritchard Streets, Johannesburg's most famous landmark from the historical building point of view. Characterised by its picturesque appearance arising out of intricate detailing and the fascinating, ...
  • Unkown (2011-07-25)
    This Renaissance pile was typical of the ostentatious residences built by the wealthy of early Johannesburg. This victorian fantasy presented a glistening white spectacle on a hilltop in Jeppestown.
  • Martienssen, Rex D (Transvaal, Natal and Orange Free State Provincial Institutes of South African Architects and the Chapter of South African Quantity Surveyors, 1939-01)
    'Rossellino made a model of the Rucellai. Of the Piccolomini he made a masterpiece."
  • Benit Gbaffou, Claire (Geoforum, 2012)
    Party politics is generally absent from urban governance or urban politics theories or debates, or present only anecdotally or as a ‘black box’, whilst they are more and more described, especially in Cities of the South, ...
  • de Klerk, Nick; Essa, Nabeel; le Roux, Hannah; Salemi, Luigi; Cox, Ryan; Esteves, Ana Maria (PICASSO, 2013-11)
    Paulo Esteves, who died unexpectedly of an asthma-related condition at the age of 39 at his home in July, was an architect who maintained a deep intellectual engagement with his practice. Prolific, he produced a vast number ...
  • Martienssen, Rex D (Transvaal, Natal and Orange Free State Provincial Institutes of South African Architects and the Chapter of South African Quantity Surveyors, 1932-07)
    It must have bee about five a'clock, and the last rays of the sun slanted through my window and joined the glow of the logs in my fireplace. It was a cold sun, but the room was warm with the woody scent of the fire. I ...
  • Benit Gbaffou, Claire (Transformation, 2008)
    This collection of papers attempts to start bringing together these different approaches, relying on different methodologies and disciplines, in order to deepen our understanding of the interaction, at the local level, ...
  • Reeves, Ambrose (Right Reverend, Bishop of Johannesburg)) (Johannesburg Citizens' Native Housing Committee, 1953)
    Admittedly this pamphlet does not give a complete picture of African housing, for quite deliberately it seeks to stress in pictorial form the dark and tragic aspects of a problem which clamours for a solution. In any case ...
  • Benit Gbaffou, Claire (Trialog, 2006)
    The paper examines the challenges raised by “partnerships” between state and non-state security stakeholders, relying on two security experiments developed in Johannesburg wealthy neighborhoods. It raises the question ...
  • Huchzermeyer, Marie (Paper presented at the South African National Housing Summit, Gallagher Estate, 2003-11-19)
    No doubt this conference will draw much attention to the important moment we’re approaching in South Africa, of having spent one decade building a new democracy. Indeed, various spheres of government are reviewing their ...
  • Bokasa, Patience; Jackson, Ashlyn; Manzini, Siyabonga; Mhlogo, Musa; Mohloboli, Mpho; Nkosi, Malambule; Benit-Gbaffou, Claire (ed) (CUBES (Centre for Urbanism & Built Environment Studies) and Wits School of Architecture, 2014-11)
    It is more than a year after Operation Clean Sweep, where in October 2013 the City of Johannesburg brutally evicted all traders from the streets of inner city Johannesburg. Most of these traders did not belong to street ...
  • Martienssen, Rex D (Transvaal, Natal and Orange Free State Provincial Institutes of South African Architects and the Chapter of South African Quantity Surveyors, 1933-07)
    The variation in detail, for example, from a standard type would have no meaning unless we were able to postulate the standard type in the first place. Unless we perceive the broad generalisations inherent of every great ...
  • Unknown (2011-08-02)
    1889, corner of Rissik, showing buildings on present Stuttaford's site. The tower of St. Mary's Hall is in the middle distance. "A hive of industry and a nursery of great expectations..."
  • Unknown (2011-08-04)
    Corner of Eloff Street showing on the left, the first Chundleigh's Building site of the present O.K.Bazaars and across the road, the single-storey building on the present Cuthbert's site.
  • Martienssen, Rex Distin (2011-11-09)
    Martienssen, Rex Distin. Proposed new boathouse for Victoria Lake Club, Germiston. Working drawings: plans, sections and elevations. pencil and ink on butchers paper.
  • Harrison, Kirsten; Phasha, Potsiso (South African Research Chair in Development Planning and Modelling, School of Architecture and Planning, University of the Witwatersrand together with the Johannesburg Development Agency, City of Johannesburg., 2014-05)
    This paper will focus on Inner City City-commissioned artworks and will explore whose reality the artworks represent in a constantly evolving and complex city and what contribution the pieces make, if any, to modifying ...
  • Rand Club 
    Unknown; Reid & McCowat (2011-08-02)
    The leading club of the Mining Town, with libraries, restaurant, billiard room and bedrooms. On the same site as the presemt Club, fronting onto Loveday, Fox and Commissioner Streets. Extensive use of cast iron and stock ...

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