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  • Facade 
    Martienssen, Rex D (Transvaal, Natal and Orange Free State Provincial Institutes of South African Architects and the Chapter of South African Quantity Surveyors, 1937-11)
    "... these palaces marked the last stage before impatience with the restrictions of a pure style brought decay, and final collapse into vulgarity."
  • Bryer, Monte (Faculty of Architecture of the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 1977)
    The purpose of this monograph is to report a broad outline of the development of the Wits Faculty of Architecture and its role in the community from its early beginnings a few years after the commencement of this century ...
  • Moloto, Shereen Tumelo (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 2015-11)
    In the wake of the political transition in South Africa in 1994 and for some time preceding this time frame violence, squalor, overcrowding and socio-political strife had long become characteristic of some of the features ...
  • Lekgothoane, Dineo (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 2015)
    “In the 20th century, as motorization progressed, cities poured most of their investment into roads, to accommodate motorized traffic” (Godefrooijet al, 2009, p7). Automobile dependence has risen since then; contributing ...
    “Freedom cannot be achieved unless WOMEN have been emancipated from all forms of oppression. Our endeavours must be about the liberation of the WOMAN, the emancipating of the man and the liberty of the child” (Extract ...
  • Unknown (2011-08-04)
    First Telephone Exchange, 1891, Johannesburg.
  • Ramahlo, Angeline (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 2015-12)
    The system of government that regulate planning policy and processes, under which most planners are required to work, tend to obstruct the efficiency and efficacy of the planning process. Notwithstanding rising criticism, ...
  • For Us 
    Jones, Patrick (ed) (Witwatersrand University Architecture School, 1962)
    This exhibition is an expression of our search for a way in which we can, with conviction, face a situation deprived of a centre and a living purpose. In the buildings presented in this exhibition we find the evidence of ...
  • Unkown (2011-07-25)
    Fordsburg Post Office, one of the first branch post offices in Johannesburg, and situated in the Ferreirastown district. Image 942.
  • Huchzermeyer, Marie (NA-ERUS. Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanisation in the South., 2003-05-17)
    Critical research in the 1970s and 1980s in South Africa played an important role in exposing the implications of repressive and discriminatory urban policy and management. This critical urban research movement, which ...
  • Huchzermeyer, Marie (Elsevier, 2004)
    Informal urban land occupation in South Africa is treated in a technocratic manner, consistent with the policy of orderly urbanisation introduced in the 1980s. This approach focusses on the contravention of laws governing ...
  • Todes, Alison; Beall, Jo (Cities, 2004)
    The paper examines whether integrated area development projects are particularly well placed to recognize the complexity and diversity of gender relations and provide important space for gender sensitive planning and ...
  • Malaza, Nqobile; Todes, Alison; Williamson, Amanda (Commonwealth Secretariat, 2009-12)
    There is increasing evidence that women and men experience cities in different ways. Therefore gender-sensitive urban planning is needed. However, like other built environment occupations, the planning profession has ...
  • Unkown (2011-07-25)
    Corner Marshall and Hollard Streets. Formerly the United Engineering Company. A fantasy in stone-a most grandiose building, with elaborate detailing culminating in the picturesque. Features are the central semi-circular ...
  • Ndiritu, John; Moodley, Yashiren; Guliwe, Mondli (MDPI, 2017-10-10)
    The objective of this study was to develop guidelines for analysing rainwater harvesting (RWH) systems of shopping centres in South Africa. A model consisting of three dimensionless relationships relating rainwater supply ...
    GIS has transformed the nature of business and decision making in various industries by providing insight, opportunities to change business outcomes. In planning GIS has provided opportunities for better decision making ...
  • Martienssen, Rex D (Transvaal, Natal and Orange Free State Provincial Institutes of South African Architects and the Chapter of South African Quantity Surveyors, 1928-06)
    "...The picture of a shady patch, of whitewashed wall, the scent of pressed grapes, the fantasy of a gable scroll are the treasures which refresh one after a pilgrimage to the Cape. ...
  • Unknown (2011-08-04)
    Built in Rissik Street, forming the eastern extremity of the Market Square. This building later became the first Post Office.
  • Unkown (2011-07-25)
    Green & Co., Boot & Shoe Importers, Eloff Street. This building was situated on the block now occupied by Castle Mansions. Image 706.
  • Unknown (2011-08-04)
    In the foreground is the old Standard Bank. In this photograph is embodied the character of the mining camp. A great forest of corrugated iron glistening in the midday sun.

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