History Department, Middle East Lectures [Hist 1003]

History Department, Middle East Lectures [Hist 1003]


<p> These notes are intended mainly as a guide to the lectures. While highlighting the salient issues the notes generally do not contain the explanations and conceptual issues discussed in the lectures, and should therefore not be construed as a substitute for the lectures. <br> N.Nieftagodien</p></br> <p>For more information please contact:<br> Noor Nieftagodien</br> <br>Tel: +27 11 717 4284<br> Fax: +27 11 717 4289 / +27 11 7174329</p>


For any technical problems please contact: Charl Roberts charl.roberts@wits.ac.za 011 717 1930

These lecture notes are copyrighted - N.Nieftagodien 2007

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