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intellectual property (IP), access to knowledge (A2K), access to medicines, Africa, openness, commons, Creative Commons, development, human rights, human security, WIPO, WTO, UNFCCC, climate change, TRIPS Agreement, Doha Declaration (2)
breeders’ rights, farmers’ rights, intellectual property, plant varieties, plant variety protection (PVP), smallholder farmers (1)
climate change mitigation, greenhouse gases (GHGs), technology transfer (TT), licensing, patents, Kenya (1)
complexity science, complex adaptive systems (CAS), digital economy, digital complexity ecosystem, Southern African Development Community (SADC), electronic communications regulation, economic regulation, social regulation, concurrent regulatory jurisdiction, mobile financial services, Internet of Things (IoT), e-health (1)
Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act, Kenya, internet intermediaries, intermediary liability, cybercrime (1)
computing sciences (CS); gamification; Mechanics, Dynamics and Aesthetics (MDA) classification framework; usability; user experience (UX); educational usability (1)
conceptual architecture, knowledge exchange, species identification, crowdsourcing, knowledge transfer, ontology in information systems (1)
copyright, limitations and exceptions, filmmaking, fair dealing, fair use, South Africa, user rights (1)
creative industries, culture, copyright, public policy, knowledge, Ethiopia (1)
cyberspace, cyber attacks, cyber conflict, cyber warfare, Africa (1)
decisionmaking, e-government, ethics, e-tolls, moral disengagement, transparency and accountability (1)
development informatics, ICT4D, research participation, challenges (1)
digital transformation, universal access, Africa (1)
economic regulation, telecoms, mobile financial services, complexity in policy and regulation, Southern Africa, East Africa, Nigeria, United States, China (1)
educational informatics, information and communication technology (ICT), technology encounters, symbolic narrative, meaningful representations of technology (1)
electronic monitoring and compliance framework, business process management systems, corporate governance, fraud, corruption (1)
Ethiopia, micro and small enterprises (MSEs), innovation, patents, patent information, public domain, intellectual property (IP) rights, access to knowledge (A2K), technological absorption, absorptive capacity, human capital (1)
Ethiopia, poverty reduction, education, access to knowledge (A2K), copyright, open licensing, open access (OA), open educational resources (OER), Creative Commons (CC) (1)
Ethiopia, poverty reduction, education, access to knowledge (A2K), copyright, open licensing, open access (OA), openeducational resources (OER), Creative Commons (CC) (1)
graffiti, Egypt, Tunisia, revolutionary art, public goods, access to knowledge (A2K), copyright, intellectual property, Creative Commons (1)
ICT4D, rural areas, sustainability, living lab, open innovation, context-aware computing, usability, Kgautswane, South Africa (1)
intellectual property (IP), human rights, public interest, development, Africa, access to medicines, access to knowledge (A2K) (1)
intellectual property (IP); geographical indications (GIs); traditional knowledge (TK), agricultural production (1)
intellectual property rights (IPRs), protection, justification, incentive, reward, employment, benefit-sharing, Ghana (1)
intellectual property, utility model certificates (UMCs), patents, examination, registration, developing countries, patent offices, Africa, Kenya (1)
international law, Africa, intellectual property (IP), treaty ratification, development, data visualisation, WIPO, WTO, trade, harmonisation (1)
Internet diffusion; GDI framework; ISPs; Rwanda (1)
knowledge commons, semicommons, massive open online course (MOOC), copyright, access to knowledge (A2K), development (1)
knowledge governance, development, sustainable development, intellectual property (IP), access to knowledge (A2K), human security, human rights (1)
leadership, e-leadership, development-oriented ontology, network society, Africa (1)
LinkedIn, social networks, social capital, online social capital, dense networks, weak ties, strong ties, structural holes, Web 2.0, online social networks (OSNs), subject matter proficiency, problem solving, novel knowledge, innovation, communities of practice (COPs) (1)
mobile banking, financial inclusion, base of the pyramid (BOP), Africa; PRISMA (preferred reporting items for systematic reviews and meta-analyses), challenges, benefits, adoption dynamics, technology acceptance model (TAM), unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) (1)
mobile banking, privacy, risk, utility, rational choice theory (1)
mobile payments, markets, competition, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe (1)
mobile-centric services, mobile information access, mobile readiness, policies (1)
open data, environmental management, participatory governance, access to information, knowledge governance, South Africa (1)
open data, Kenya, Cape Town, licensing, open licences, Creative Commons (1)
open innovation, collaborative dynamics, knowledge appropriation, access to knowledge (A2K), intellectual property (IP), micro and small enterprises (MSEs), informal sector, Africa (1)
patents, pharmaceuticals, strategic patenting, public interest, access, compulsory licensing, competition, South Africa (1)
photography, videography, public art, copyright, South Africa, limitations and exceptions, user rights, freedom of panorama, incidental inclusion (1)
policy networks, government, conformist actors, foreign intervention, ICT policy, Swaziland (1)
policy review (1)
quality of service, QoS, bit rate, video streaming, QoS routing, TCP, UDP (1)
reproductive health information, information access, rural communities, mobile information access, Nigeria (1)
research, data collection challenges, qualitative research, politics, law, culture, religion, developing world Zimbabwe, Parliamentary Constituency Information Centres (PCICs) (1)
resource-based view (RBV), enterprise architecture (EA), enterprise architecture (EA) maturity, financial services, business value, tangible business value, intangible business value, South Africa (1)
scholarly communication; access to knowledge (1)
Scratch, Java, secondary school students, technology acceptance model (TAM), programming language adoption, visual programming, logical thinking, problem-solving, education, education policy, curriculum, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (1)
senior citizens, Internet-based services, facial recognition, single, sign-on, voice recognition, social networking (1)
universal access, universal service, UAS, USOs, USF (1)

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